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Our Story


Tribe is a community of young people coming together to raise money and awareness for mental health in Ireland. We believe that there is perseverance in unity, and together we can achieve a real change in how we treat our mental health.

Our mission is to de-stigmatise mental health, make it easier for people to talk about, and raise essential funds for those who are struggling. We are doing this through our own line of merchandise so people can show their support, blog posts from people detailing their own stories and events where people can raise money for those who need help and counselling. All money raised through Tribe goes directly to Pieta House.

Through Tribe, we will be hosting a series of events that coincide with our mission to raise essential funding for our partner, Pieta House, as well as spread positivity and hope to help break the stigma around mental health in Ireland. These events will cover a huge spectrum, including marathons, boxing classes, introduction to yoga and mindfulness, panel discussions, podcasts, bucket shaking, music nights and much more. Therefore, we are calling on people to set themselves a challenge, call others to join them, and help those in need by showing them that they will never be alone. 

Ultimately, we want to replace those in fear with hope, those in isolation with acceptance, and those in struggle with perseverance. Mental health is a journey, not a disease and it is one that we are all on. So join us and make a difference.

Join the Tribe.