BOM’s 100 Mile Journey


Target Raised

€7500 €7120

I signed up to a 100 mile ultra-marathon event on August 10th in Connemara. I will need to run the distance of four marathons straight in the space of 30 hours. I will more than likely start hallucinating, tear a few ligaments, enter early stage kidney failure and there’s also a slight chance I could go blind for a while. Hence, Charlie (that gorgeous bloke on my right) has to drive behind me the whole time to make sure I survive. Yes, it’s stupid I know, but look, it’s for charity.

I will be doing various video docs and posts over the next few weeks documenting my training and why exactly I’m doing this. So stay tuned. And hey, I really am breaking myself here, so if you could throw a bitta cash towards Pieta House for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless,

BOM xx


Dan McCaffrey and Tom de Jongh

Tom and Dan.jpeg

Target Raised

€1000 €2685

Tom de Jongh and Dan McCaffrey are raising money for Pieta House.

We have decided to run a full Olympic Triathlon called the "Hell of the West" in Co. Clare this June.

It consists of a 1.5km Swim, 44km Cycle and finishing with a 10km Run. It Is a true test of endurance and will be a tough test for them as they are both on the 'heavy' side.

We will be doing various fund raising events through out the next three months and would appreciate any penny you could spare for this great charity.

Stay tuned.


The Last Two Hours of the 24 Hour Cycle!

Joined by one of my best mates today to talk about his business, young entrepreneurship and our plans for the summer. We're teaming up with Tribe and entering a triathlon on the 29th of June together then planning a trip down the West Coast of America afterwards.
Joined today by a top bloke to talk everything mental health and our attempt to get the conversation started.

Tom, Dan and james chat about Mental Health and Happiness

Paris Marathon

Jack Byrne & David O’Meara

We are delighted to announce our first overseas Marathon with Jack Byrne and David O’Meara running in aid of Pieta House.

Please support them as they hope to raise €400 in the coming weeks!

Their story

These two blokes are trailblazing in reaching out to us and taking the bull by the horns in fighting the stigma of Mental Health. They are perfect examples of the power of unity in perseverance undertaking their first marathon to show its OK not to be OK.


Olga, Julia, Faolán, Cian & Brian

Our first marathon of the year in the beautiful Connemara, where our Tribe Members shall be participating in a Half-Marathon (21.1km), Full Marathon (42.2km), and Ultra Marathon (64km).

Their Story

Please support our first team running on the 14th April in reaching their Goal of raising €1,000!