BOM’s 100 Mile Journey


Target Raised

€7500 €7120

I signed up to a 100 mile ultra-marathon event on August 10th in Connemara. I will need to run the distance of four marathons straight in the space of 30 hours. I will more than likely start hallucinating, tear a few ligaments, enter early stage kidney failure and there’s also a slight chance I could go blind for a while. Hence, Charlie (that gorgeous bloke on my right) has to drive behind me the whole time to make sure I survive. Yes, it’s stupid I know, but look, it’s for charity.

I will be doing various video docs and posts over the next few weeks documenting my training and why exactly I’m doing this. So stay tuned. And hey, I really am breaking myself here, so if you could throw a bitta cash towards Pieta House for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless,

BOM xx